The Community Center

Resources. Recreation. Relationships.

The Pueblo Nuevo Community Center is the first project created in partnership with Pueblo Nuevo. In response to lack of recreation or a neutral public gathering space, we identified a vacant building in the center of town that was available for rent. From the first day we received the keys, Pueblo Nuevo residents of all ages came together to fix up the space, making it their own.


The Children's Room

The Children’s Room is a space for our younger crowd - complete with age appropriate toys, floor puzzles, child books, and a drawing/coloring station.

Pictured on the left, Leandro supervises a matching card game with Esperanza and Keuri!

Homework Room

The homework room is complete with computers, school supplies, and books - everything a student needs to be set up for success! Our team is also available for homework help.

On the right, Ana and Grissel get a head start on their homework for the week - they beat the afternoon rush!


Multipurpose Room

The main room of the community center, the multispace room is used for small meetings, miscellaneous children activities, and is a perfect place to eat meals together.

Pictured on the left is the monthly meeting of the Ventajones, our Young Adult Group

The Kitchen

The center is complete with a full kitchen! This is where all of our healthy after-school meals are prepared, coffee is brewed for guests, and children come to get (many) glasses of water after running around outside.

To the right, Hansel and Jordy help out washing dishes!