Our Approach

We work with community residents to identify and prioritize the challenges they face, and utilize local knowledge and strengths to develop solutions to overcome them.

We seek to understand how our partner communities and its residents are related to the many systems they interact with, considering factors such as culture, religion, political climate, and policies.

To respond tot he dynamic nature of communities, we engage stakeholders at all levels of project and program creation. We continually evaluate our work and remain sensitive to changes in society and best practices in the field.


Empowering Leaders

We believe empowerment is crucial at all levels. In all of our programs, we recognize the local leaders and change makers that are already doing great work in the community - and provide them the tools and resources to take their work to the next level.

We seek to nurture leaders in all stages of their journeys, whether experienced community leaders or those that are just starting to find their voices.


Nurturing Strengths

We honor the expertise and knowledge of residents. They know their community inside and out, and are the best guides for progress. Using an asset -based approach, we work together to identify the strengths in the community and determine how we can nurture these strengths to fuel progress.


Linking to Opportunity

We use our resources and connections to serve as a link between community residents and opportunities that may have otherwise been out of reach or difficult to access.