Our Programs

Community Development

We work with community residents to identify and prioritize the challenges they experience, and utilizing local knowledge and strengths to develop solutions to overcome them.


Youth and Young Adult Program: We have a youth group and a young adults group, both aimed at promoting positive peer development and building leadership skills.

Community Action: We strive to bring residents together to engage in projects that benefit the entire community, such as advocacy projects and clean up days. We invite participation from all ages and welcome all the skills and gifts each resident is able to provide. Through this process we build unity, empowerment, and positive community identity.

Pictured on the right is a photo from our water project. In response to the inconsistency of water in Pueblo Nuevo, we worked with residents to find well water that can be brought into the community. We continue to advocate with local government officials to have the water issues repaired in the village for good.


Providing opportunities for children and youth to access information, resources, and support in their educational career. Eliminating barriers such as limited access to information or materials, and providing dedicated space to address healthy social emotional development while supporting academic outcomes

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After School Program

Created to increase positive youth development in Pueblo Nuevo by promoting a safe and welcoming environment with opportunities for learning, positive peer relationships, and community engagement. During the hours of 4pm and 7pm, school aged children and youth come to the center to complete homework, read books, play games, and learn and spend time together. Staff is available for homework help, and parents are encouraged to attend and participate in the activities provided.



We seek to create job opportunities through the foundation’s programming, primarily through community center staffing. We seek to addressing employment for rural community by identifying and closing gaps in employment opportunities and income generating activities.