Our Team


Eugenia Aragones Castillo (Suger)

Program Coordinator

Suger is the coordinator of all of our in-country programming. She directly oversees the after school program, youth group, community support services, and administration. She is passionate about everything she does, and We are so thrilled to have her as a part of our team!


Roseanna Santos

Afterschool Aid

As the after school assistant, Roseanna cooks all of the meals for the food program and supervises the younger children during after school hours. She showers our children with love, and we are so grateful for what she brings to our team.


Javier Lantigua (Papo)

Logistics and Project Coordinator

Papo wears so many hats, from coordinating construction and repair projects, all transportation, agriculture, and oversight of our young adult program. He brings skill, humor, positive attitude into every aspect of his work, and it is a joy to have him a part of our team!