Kara Farid


Kara was born and raised in East Haven, Connecticut with her sister and brother. Her father worked long hours as a carpenter to provide for their family and her mother was devoted to her three children, taking a very active role throughout their lives. Now a mother of four, Kara is equally involved in the lives her of own children.

Kara is very passionate about working with children and has sought many was to engage children in activities that help them explore, grow, and have fun. With a degree from Southern Connecticut State University in Studio Art, Kara has been able to combine her love for working with children with her second passion of art. She worked as an art teacher at SKF Academy, a local Islamic elementary school – engaging the entire school in a wide variety of art projects, helping to ensure all students had access to activities and field trips, regardless of income. She continues to volunteer at her daughters’ school to do art projects with their classrooms throughout the year. She also used her love for art to inform the direction of the logo – using a pendant that belonged to Kamran's mother, she created the early sketches that were used as a guide for the one you see today!

Through the foundation, Kara wants to provide opportunities to children and families on a larger scale. Through the foundations work, she wants to engage her own children in the importance of helping others – always making sure they understand that there are those in the world, just like them, that do not have the same opportunities – and making sure they know they can make a difference in the world.