The Kamran Farid ‘15 Helping Hands Fund

Kamran Farid co-founded Edible Arrangements in 1999 back when he was a student at Southern. He stepped away from school to focus on growing Edible Arrangements into a global brand. Today they have over 1300 stores in 14 countries (and growing strong)! And now Kamran’s newest venture, Kamran Capital Group, is sharing the fruits of his labor by helping other entrepreneurs grow their small businesses. Kamran recently reconnected with Southern Connecticut State University and specifically Professor Lisa Lancor who had a profound impact on him over 10 years ago. She shared some of the unexpected financial challenges that students face while juggling school, work and family. Kamran was moved by the very real reasons that make it difficult for students to complete their degrees. He worked directly with Professor Lancor to create The Kamran Farid ‘15 Helping Hands Fund. His generous donation of $20,000 is dedicated to helping students with short term, unexpected hardships that may keep them from continuing their education.