My mother taught me the most important lesson of my life

I am truly honored to launch the Kamran Farid Foundation! My family has been blessed and I am proud to carry on our family tradition of giving back. When I was a young child, my family moved to the United States. My father worked three jobs to take care of his wife and six children. It was simply expected that we all pitch in, because the focus was on our family’s survival. My mother, Salma, taught us the importance of giving back, even though we didn't have much to give.

We started a small family business by purchasing a flower shop. The know-how we learned helped my brother and I launch Edible Arrangements in 1999. It began as one tiny store but through hard work and perseverance, Edible Arrangements has grown to 1,300 stores in 14 countries and still growing strong today. Our experience has been an American dream come true. And with our success, the most important lesson still remains the one from my mother.

There are many wonderful foundations and charitable organizations throughout the world. The mission of the Kamran Farid Foundation is to find pockets of need that are not identified today and then partner with local communities to give back directly to those who need it the most.

Our areas of focus include those that we are most passionate about:

  • Reducing childhood obesity
  • Helping students of all ages get a strong education
  • Enabling families to generate a sustainable income
  • Developing resources for clean water
  • Empowering women in developing countries
  • Providing emergency aid

I am excited to help make a difference and teach my three young daughters the important lesson that my mother taught me so many years ago.