Bringing Help & Hope To Southern Students

Last year, Kamran reconnected with Southern Connecticut State University and specifically Professor Lisa Lancor who had a profound impact on him when he was a student there over 10 years ago.  She shared some of the unexpected financial challenges that students face while juggling school, work and family.  Kamran was moved by the very real reasons that make it difficult for students to complete their degrees.  He worked directly with Professor Lancor to create The Kamran Farid ‘15 Help & Hope Fund which is now helping students with short term, unexpected hardships to ensure that they can continue their education. It’s very rewarding to see that the Help & Hope Fund can make a meaningful difference to students who just need a little bit of extra support so they can focus on getting their degree. Below are a few highlights of what we’ve been able to support:

One student broke their glasses and couldn’t afford a new pair. This impacted their ability to see well in class and during daily activities. The Help & Hope Fund paid for an eye examination and bought glasses for this student, who is now thrilled to once again see clearly.

A very promising freshman was getting off to a rocky start. The Help & Hope Fund was able to purchase a student meal plan to ensure this student has access to healthy meals and in turn lifted a heavy weight off the student’s shoulders.

A single parent was completing a required internship for their major and due to the time commitment was therefore unable to work other jobs. The Hope & Help Fund is helping to buy diapers and pay for childcare so this student can complete her internship and earn their degree.

A student who is close to graduating needed a bit of assistance to catch up on rent payments. The Help & Hope Fund provided support to help this student get through the final stages of their college career.

Sometimes all it takes is a little help to give students a very bright future. The Kamran Farid ‘15 Help & Hope Fund is looking forward to continuing to support students throughout 2015 and making their college dreams a reality.

Kamran Farid is the Co-Founder and Former Chief Operating Officer of Edible Arrangements International. The Kamran Farid Foundation, inspired by Kamran’s mother, helps identify and support unmet and often unrecognized needs in communities around the world.  The foundation is focused on creating a sustainable, brighter future for the people it supports. Follow Kamran on Twitter @kamranf or connect with Kamran Farid on LinkedIn.