The Story Behind the Logo

We knew we wanted our logo to be meaningful to us, to represent our family and the essence of our foundation, but we did not know what that looked like.  After seeing a few designs and making many edits and adjustments, we still had not found a logo that felt right, that represented us wholly and meaningfully. We were waiting for the “yes, this is it” feeling, when we would all look at each other and know that we had found it. In one of our many, and occasionally frustrating, conversations about how best to visually represent the essence of our family, it came to me.

My mother, Salma K. Farid, has been a guide throughout my life, grounding me and my siblings in the importance of doing good in the world with the gifts that have been given to us. As Kara and I have grown our family, her memory continues to be a guide to us and to the spirit of our foundation.

She passed away in 2005, eight months before we gave birth to our first child, whom we named Salma in her honor. Not long after, my sister gave Kara one of my mother’s necklaces as a gift for Salma. It was a beautiful gold pendant with an intricate design, characteristic of Pakistani jewelry. When I think of my mother, I think of her with this necklace; she wore it often, and with great pride. It was cherished by my mother, is cherished by my family, and has now been passed onto our daughter, Salma.   

Amidst discussion of logo options and timelines, the image of the pendant came to my mind. I showed my team the picture, and told them the story. Without hesitation, we began to move forward, using my mother’s pendant to guide the creation of our foundation logo.  Kara drew the first version of it on the back of one of the girls’ homework; we took a picture of it, and sent that very image to the graphic designer.

The pendant represents from where we have come – capturing the spirit of my mother and all she has taught us, and radiating the love that she showed us her entire life.  It also represents who we are now, with the six big hearts, one for each member of our family, centered and grounded together and facing out to the world – ready to bring our own gifts, passions, and heart.

Yes, this is it. This is us.




Pendant Image.JPG
Anna Balakrishnan