Kamran Farid Foundation: A New Beginning.

Every day we turn on the news, we see more and more ways that our world is in need – natural disasters, widespread injustices, inequality in our own backyard and abroad. With the media showing us the many ways our world is hurting, we find ourselves asking new questions – those we ask ourselves and those our children ask us.

Kara and I want our children to know that they can make a difference. As they grow older, it is important to us that we bring them up in a space that fosters compassion, giving back, and fighting for what they believe in.

This has led to the creation of a new chapter in our foundation. We are stepping back to look at the bigger picture – of who we are as a foundation and where we can have the most meaningful impact. 

Over the last few years, we have had the honor of meeting and supporting so many causes and organizations that are doing work in our communities. These causes have ranged from education, to health, to refugees, to disaster relief.  We are so glad to have had the opportunity to learn about and support so many diverse causes.

This rebrand represents the next stage in the life of our foundation.  We will be redefining the nature of our work - beginning with asking ourselves some important questions. What causes are we most passionate about? Where can we have the deepest and most expansive impact? How will we measure and evaluate the work we are doing? How will our work fit in with existing programs and policies?

This process means many things for the months to follow. As a team, we will be meeting and getting to know many organizations as we go through what we have come to call an “exploratory period.” We will be learning about the many social issues affecting our world, and exploring best practices in how they are being addressed.  

We are eager for this process to unfold, and are so thankful that we have the opportunity to grow and learn in this way. We want to hear from you. We want to know what you are passionate about and how you are making a difference in the world.

Ultimately, we want to leave our family’s legacy – in the form of compassion, collaboration, inspiration, and hope. We want our children, as they learn who they are and how they will navigate our world, to know that they have the power to be agents of change, and have the power to make a difference.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Kamran and Kara Farid

Anna Balakrishnan