The Kamran Farid Foundation works collaboratively with community-driven organizations to promote leadership development, create opportunity, and foster positive change in our global society. 

About The Foundation

The Kamran Farid Foundation partners with organizations and communities that seek to create opportunities, promote leaders, and foster positive change. As a family foundation in its early years, we strive to form meaningful partnerships with organizations and individuals that are equally dedicated to working alongside communities. 

To sharpen our goals for social change and our organization's scope of work, we first must listen to the community. We strongly believe in the importance of collaboration across sectors - we are most effective while complementing the strengths, goals, and perspectives of governments, NGOs, and local communities. As such, our team is taking the time to listen, assess needs, connect with existing programs, and determine how our family foundation fits best into the picture. Through this process, we seek to emerge anew -  well positioned for growth, value, and impact.  

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"We strive to form meaningful partnerships with organizations that are equally

dedicated to working alongside communities."


During this time, we will determine the areas in which we work, seeking out partner communities in the United States and abroad. In the US, we will focus on Florida (where our foundation is located), and Connecticut, the Farid family's home state. We will continue to explore international community partnerships, as we remain committed to giving back to our global society.  To do this, we will meet with organizations and individuals that seek to promote leadership development and create new opportunities in their communities, making meaningful connections, learning from one another and discussing best practices.  

If you would like more information about our exploration process, or if you have a connection, organization, or community project to share, please do not hesitate to contact us! We would love to hear from you.